Springtime Speed Fest April 21 – 23

Mark your calendars Spring Time Speed Fest is April 21-23.

Join us for a full weekend of Racing and Fun for the whole family. Off Track activities include a cocktail party, wine tasting and live music on Friday, Member dinner on Saturday, and Sunday brunch.

Please RSVP to Terri by April 20th @ [email protected] for all events.
It is so important that you send your RSVP’s so we can accurately make plans.


Road Atlanta Review

Autobahn members dominate at Road Atlanta’s Round 1 of the Radical Cup. Team Stradale drivers Antoine Comeau, Bob Noorian and Jeff Green went to Road Atlanta with full intentions of podiums in 1340 class and succeeded. Antoine and Jeff were at it again with a healthy dose of competitive fire.

These two pushed each other both to the podium and through the grass as absolutely no one was going to get in their way. Jeff took the victory on Saturday while Antoine had a DNF caused by an overheating issue. Bob followed with a strong 8th place while battling a blistered left front tire. 



New Helmet Requirements For This Year

Beginning this season all helmets will be required to have an SA 2010 rating  or newer. If you look inside the liner of a helmet you will see a non-removable reflective sticker that will have the rating on it beginning with SA followed by a year. If the year is 2005 or older the helmet will no longer be acceptable, 2010 or 2015 are required. We will be checking helmets and placing a small “2017” sticker on approved helmets. You may stop by the south operations office at any time to receive a sticker, it only takes a minute. The Race Control folks will be looking for these stickers to allow you on track. The month of April will be considered a grace period before compliance is mandatory. Reminder: motorcycle helmets with an “M” rating or DOT approval are NOT acceptable (unless you’re actually on a motorcycle 🙂 )

Motorcycle Dates Announced for 2017

To better serve our members who enjoy riding motorcycles on track we have designated several dates throughout the year that will include motorcycle sessions in the track schedule. Typically these schedules include 4 sessions specific for motorcycles in between the normal car sessions.

If you are one of the many members that enjoys this aspect of the club, mark these as can’t miss dates!

April 27, May 26, June 30, July 26, Aug 25, Sept 29, Oct 15

Kevin Davis and Jeff Green Tackle the Streets of St Pete

The Indycar event at St Petersburg Florida last weekend had more than the usual Autobahn presence. In addition to Graham Rahal competing in the top series, the Mazda Road to Indy Pro Mazda series had two faces familiar to Autobahn members. Kevin Davis and Jeff Green each competed in the opening rounds of the series and have made plans to do more. These veterans of the Autobahn Member Racing League were both on pace right out of the box and had a great showing throughout the weekend.


Autobahn Competition Licensing School • March 25, 2017

Completion of this school is required for Autobahn Racing License. All or part of school may be waived based on previous racing experience (contact Tom Bagley). Drivers must have all licensing information in to Tom Bagley, this includes license application, racing history, and racing physical. Driver safety equipment is required including approved helmet (Snell 2010), driver’s suit, shoes, gloves, etc. Hans (or equivalent) device is recommended, but not required for the school.

Click Here for Details & Schedule


Annual Race Car Inspections Continue this Saturday

Tech Inspector Joe Griffin will be available on Saturday beginning at 10:00am to perform annual inspections on all cars that will be racing this year.  Tom Bagley, Tony Kester, and Mike Gritter are also able to perform these inspections. Please be sure to have your personal gear- drivers suit, helmet etc. available for checks also.

Each car that is going to race in the Autobahn Member Racing League must pass this inspection on a yearly basis. Inspections do not have to be completed this weekend, they can be done any time before your first race. Joe will also be available to mark Miata tires if anyone is ready for that step.

Winter Rally-X Season Wraps Up This Saturday Morning

Haven’t checked this out yet? Come in early before the member meeting and check it out. Rally-X drivers will meet at the clubhouse at 9:30 then head out to course for runs until 12:00. At 12:00 we will come back in to allow time to clean up a bit (it might be a muddy one) before the annual member meeting starts. There will be no lunch served for this Rally-X as there will be food at the garage crawl immediately following the Annual Members Meeting. The jump has been fixed and the course has been groomed but watch out for the Wall of Death! This series will continue with events during the regular season and next off season. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Autobahn Competition Licensing School March 25, 2017

• Completion of this school is required for Autobahn Racing License
All or part of school may be waived based on previous racing experience (contact Tom Bagley)

• Drivers must have all licensing information in to Tom Bagley
This includes license application, racing history, and racing physical

• Driver safety equipment is required
Drivers must have approved helmet (Snell 2010), driver’s suit, shoes, gloves, etc. Hans (or equivalent) device is recommended, but not required for the school

• Only Closed Wheel, competition approved cars may be used

• Cost of the school is $125 for Autobahn Members, $225 for Non-members

• The school will take place on the North Track, classes will be held in the North tower classroom

• Drivers are encouraged to read the first forty pages of the Member Racing rulebook

• The rulebook section on FLAGS is required reading

Every effort will be made to accommodate members who might need special assistance or consideration in completing this school. This doesn’t imply that drivers will be awarded a license on the basis of a phone call, but if you need a Hans device, your car isn’t ready yet, you only have an open wheel car, your dog ate your license application, or whatever, contact Tom ( [email protected] ) or myself
( [email protected] ) for assistance.

The Autobahn is a club, not the FIA or Indycar, and we’ll attempt to help beg, borrow, rent, or steal (?) whatever we can to help members complete this school with a minimum of expense and inconvenience.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 25th!

Tony Kester
Autobahn Chief Instructor
Autobahn Licensing School Schedule
March 25, 2017



11:30-1:30pm  Classroom instruction and discussions In North Tower
1:30-2:00pm  Stage cars for Open Practice
2:00-2:25pm  Open Practice
2:25-2:50pm  Drivers and cars to staging area
2:50-3:15pm  Passing Drills Explained
3:15-3:50pm  Passing Drills
3:50-4:05pm  Cars to Grid
4:05-4:20pm  Pre-Race Drivers Meeting
4:25pm  Five Minute Warning
4:30-5:00pm  Practice Race

Ignite Karts Gain Momentum

Margay was on hand during the past Track Car Expo fielding questions from many interested folks. Autobahn is pleased to continue building our relationship with this St Louis based manufacturer as they continue to grow the Ignite Spec karting series.

Click Here for Latest Stories from Margay.