Annual Race Car Inspections Continue this Saturday

Tech Inspector Joe Griffin will be available on Saturday beginning at 10:00am to perform annual inspections on all cars that will be racing this year.  Tom Bagley, Tony Kester, and Mike Gritter are also able to perform these inspections. Please be sure to have your personal gear- drivers suit, helmet etc. available for checks also.

Each car that is going to race in the Autobahn Member Racing League must pass this inspection on a yearly basis. Inspections do not have to be completed this weekend, they can be done any time before your first race. Joe will also be available to mark Miata tires if anyone is ready for that step.

Winter Rally-X Season Wraps Up This Saturday Morning

Haven’t checked this out yet? Come in early before the member meeting and check it out. Rally-X drivers will meet at the clubhouse at 9:30 then head out to course for runs until 12:00. At 12:00 we will come back in to allow time to clean up a bit (it might be a muddy one) before the annual member meeting starts. There will be no lunch served for this Rally-X as there will be food at the garage crawl immediately following the Annual Members Meeting. The jump has been fixed and the course has been groomed but watch out for the Wall of Death! This series will continue with events during the regular season and next off season. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Autobahn Competition Licensing School March 25, 2017

• Completion of this school is required for Autobahn Racing License
All or part of school may be waived based on previous racing experience (contact Tom Bagley)

• Drivers must have all licensing information in to Tom Bagley
This includes license application, racing history, and racing physical

• Driver safety equipment is required
Drivers must have approved helmet (Snell 2010), driver’s suit, shoes, gloves, etc. Hans (or equivalent) device is recommended, but not required for the school

• Only Closed Wheel, competition approved cars may be used

• Cost of the school is $125 for Autobahn Members, $225 for Non-members

• The school will take place on the North Track, classes will be held in the North tower classroom

• Drivers are encouraged to read the first forty pages of the Member Racing rulebook

• The rulebook section on FLAGS is required reading

Every effort will be made to accommodate members who might need special assistance or consideration in completing this school. This doesn’t imply that drivers will be awarded a license on the basis of a phone call, but if you need a Hans device, your car isn’t ready yet, you only have an open wheel car, your dog ate your license application, or whatever, contact Tom ( [email protected] ) or myself
( [email protected] ) for assistance.

The Autobahn is a club, not the FIA or Indycar, and we’ll attempt to help beg, borrow, rent, or steal (?) whatever we can to help members complete this school with a minimum of expense and inconvenience.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 25th!

Tony Kester
Autobahn Chief Instructor
Autobahn Licensing School Schedule
March 25, 2017



11:30-1:30pm  Classroom instruction and discussions In North Tower
1:30-2:00pm  Stage cars for Open Practice
2:00-2:25pm  Open Practice
2:25-2:50pm  Drivers and cars to staging area
2:50-3:15pm  Passing Drills Explained
3:15-3:50pm  Passing Drills
3:50-4:05pm  Cars to Grid
4:05-4:20pm  Pre-Race Drivers Meeting
4:25pm  Five Minute Warning
4:30-5:00pm  Practice Race

Ignite Karts Gain Momentum

Margay was on hand during the past Track Car Expo fielding questions from many interested folks. Autobahn is pleased to continue building our relationship with this St Louis based manufacturer as they continue to grow the Ignite Spec karting series.

Click Here for Latest Stories from Margay.

Racers Meeting after Track Car Expo this Saturday

An informal meeting will follow the lunch break on Saturday to cover the hot topics as we enter a new racing season. This will be an opportunity for veteran racers to share their thoughts as well as those who may new or interested in the racing series to learn what it’s all about.

Ready to Take it to the Next Level? Try a Pro Mazda!

The 2017 Member Racing Season is almost here! Are you ready to step up to one of the Fastest, Safest & arguably most fun series at the Autobahn? If so, we want you! Created in 2012, the Open Wheel Senna Series was created to stimulate the needs of those who wanted to take Road Racing to the next level.

The standard Formula Mazda was the car of choice then with the series then moving to the ultra-fast, high downforce Pro Mazda. This Spec-built Carbon Fiber machine boasts a Mazda 240hp Renesis Rotary engine, FULL data system, full sequential FTR transmission and fully enclosed Fuel Safe fuel cell. Cars are currently selling for only $35-55k WITH spares!

More Information

Worried about getting up to speed? Along with two of the best Driver Coaches at the club Tony Kester & Tom Bagley, Autobahn instructor Brian Lift is a current Pro Mazda driver and all are able to provide a coaching package to meet your needs.

Ok, I’m in! Where do I get a car? Currently there are TWO cars for sale and ready to race at the club!

2004 Pro Mazda-Contact Jody Lift at Havoc Motorsport 815-476-4180.

2007 Pro Mazda-Contact Peter Dempsey [email protected]

Links to other cars for sale here:

For more information and/or a driver’s take on the Pro Mazda, feel free to give Kevin Davis a call at 217-304-2283 or Jody Lift @ Havoc Motorsports.

Members It’s Time to Renew Your Racing License

Before you know it we will be in the thick of the racing season here at Autobahn.  If you want to be in the pack and not on the sidelines, then please renew your racing license.

Everybody will have to renew their annual racing licenses prior to running any races at the Autobahn in 2017. If you are due for a physical, you might want to schedule with your doctor now, since it sometimes requires substantial lead-time.

More Information

In order to determine if you are due to update your physical, the frequency of which depends on your age, refer to the instructions which can be found along with all of the forms on the Autobahn website or use this link:

All three forms (Application, Physical and Medical History) along with instructions, needed for the license application process, are at the above location.  Be sure to provide detailed information on the Application under “Participation”, especially if you have not  previously been participating in Autobahn races.

If, after reviewing all of the instructions, you still have questions, you may contact Tom Bagley for help at 815-671-7542 or [email protected].


RallyX heats up this Saturday at 10:00!

The weather is forecast to be in the 60s!  What a great time to come out and see what the buzz is about. Course conditions should be the best yet and the competition will be fierce. See our flying RallyX drivers in action and stay for the pizza after the event.

Autobahn to Provide USPKS and Route 66 Racers with Unique Experience

Many curious racers have begun investigating the newest track to join the USPKS and Route 66 Sprint Series programs, the Autobahn Country Club, so we wanted to familiarize you with the venue a little more.  “Autobahn is happy to partner with USPKS and RT 66 to host events at our facility and we look forward to a great relationship,” said Autobahn President Mark Basso.

The USPKS is a four event traveling National race series featuring seven classes, utilizing IAME and Yamaha engines. The 2017 Schedule includes GoPro Motorplex (Apr 7-9), Pitt Race (Jun 2-4), New Castle Motorsports Park (Jul 28-30), and Autobahn Country Club (Sep 22-24).

Presenting the Member Racing and Events Schedule!!

We have an incredible number of offerings for 2017. Everything from karting to GT racing, from car shows to off road Rally-X. We really have something for every car/motorsports enthusiast. Make this the year to get involved or try something new.