Do You Remember?…

Do You Remember?…

Just over 20 years ago, we started paving some farmland in rural Joliet. The rest, as they say, is history! As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re collecting memories from the early days of Autobahn and we’d...

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Members will sign an annual waiver  –  Click Here to Download.  If signed offsite, it will need to be notrarized. Otherwise, the waiver will be executed (or re-executed) at the window in front of our Registration personnel.

Guest Driver Policy

 For more info – Jordan Missig  –


48 hour’s notice is recommended when a member plans to bring a guest driver.


ALL guest drivers must go through orientation regardless of experience.


Guest Driver Pricing –
• Weekday $175
• Weekend $225
• Full Track Days $350

Guest Driver Policy – 48 hour’s notice is recommended when a member plans to bring a guest driver.

Upon arrival all guests must complete the necessary forms, including a medical history form and a tech sheet (if driving own car) before entering the Club. At completion of these forms the guest driver will be issued a yellow wristband signifying completion of forms and payment arrangements. The guest driver must then see a track instructor. The track instructor will interview the driver to assess experience/capability and provide an orientation session.

ALL guest drivers must go through orientation regardless of experience. Orientation sessions will be conducted at 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on weekends. The instructor may then do one of the following: Issue the guest driver a green band indicating the driver has been approved to drive without any further instruction. Issue a green band to the host member indicating that the member has been approved to give further instruction to the guest and ride as a passenger with the guest until such time as the host member feels no further instruction is needed. At this point the host member must apply the green band to the guest’s wrist. Provide further instruction to the guest driver. This instruction may include a review of the track flags and basic track driving rules as well as a lead follow session on track. ALL guest drivers must get approval from a track instructor before using the course.

Guest Driver Pricing –  Weekday $175 Weekend $225 Full Track Days $350

Member Guest’s must read and be familiar with the Guest Driver Information.

Minor Access Procedures

Many of our Club members have children ages 16 or 17 who are licensed drivers and who wish to come out to the Club without their parents. We encourage everyone to come to the Club and enjoy the facilities whenever they can.

With our insurance carrier’s help, we have developed an annual Parental Consent Waiver which allows minor children of Club Members to have access to the Club without their parents being present so long as the Minor procedures are strictly followed.

Minor Procedures & Waiver

Independent Driving Instruction

Club Policy For Independent Driving Instructors

Many members hire non-Autobahn compensated driving instructors from time to time to help them in their pursuit of becoming better and faster drivers. The Club allows its member to do so and the Club has a policy to insure that all outside driving instructors meet Club safety standards and sign certain documentation required to protect the Club and its members. 

The required forms include an annual agreement between the instructor and the Club and a waiver form to be signed by the outside instructor and the Club member who is receiving the outside instruction each time instruction services are being provided. The required forms are linked below. Hard copies can also be obtained from Ben Hasbrouck, Mike Gritter or Kyle Nadeau.

If you utilize outside instructors, please arrange to get these forms executed as soon as possible.  Thank you.

We can’t do this alone.

A great track needs great partners!

Member Racing Partners