High Performance Driving School

Performance Driving

  • New Member Orientation
    • Track Driving
      • Basics of driving on track
      • Rules of the road
    • Get to know your car
      • Capabilities of modern performance cars
      • Choosing the right car for your track experience
    • Driving Techniques
      • High Speed Lapping
      • Driving Techniques
      • Race Line
    • Advanced Performance Driving
      • Safety Gear (Personal & Car)
      • Choosing the Proper Car
      • Advanced Car Control
      • Intro to Data Analysis


  • Competition Licensing
    • Competition Licensing
    • Race Day Procedures
    • Race Etiquette
    • Car Prep
    • Race Scenarios
    • Proper Passing Techniques
  • Race Car Set Up & Development
    • Chassis Dynamics
    • Aerodynamics
    • Tire Dynamics
    • Braking Characteristics
  • Race Craft
    • Advanced Data Analysis
    • Race Planning & Post Race Review
  • Group Track walks and Seminars
  • National Level Racing Options



  • Safety Overview
  • Karting Camps
  • Race Licensing
  • Race Craft

Career Development

  • Exclusive Private Coaching & Mentoring
  • Introductions to Professional Teams
  • Preparing for Professional Testing
  • Interacting with Motorsport Engineers
  • Becoming Fluent in Data Systems
  • How to be an Asset to a Team
    • Marketing
    • Attracting Sponsorship
    • Building Your Personal Brand
    • Media Training
  • Professional Acumen
  • Planning Your Future
  • Networking


Our Instructors

Jordan Missig

Manager-Autobahn Driver Academy Advanced Instructor



Jordan has been a motorsports Enthusiast his entire life, Jordan started in go karts when he joined the Autobahn, with his determination and work ethic has climbed up the motorsports ladder at a rapid rate moving from go karts to Radical Sportscars and now is in his Sophomore year in the Formula Regional America F3 Series and will also be racing in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series  in 2021. Jordan is very experienced when it comes to data analysis and his attitude for constant progression is perfect for pairing up with drivers who are ready to take their driving skills to the next level.

Ben Hasbrouck

Academy Instructor



Ben discovered his passion for motorsports at a young age, after being introduced to go karts. Upon finding the Autobahn Country Club in 2005, he spent his early years honing his skills at the kart track. Ben then progressed to endurance racing in Spec Miata and GT cars, as well as Formula racing. Ben’s friendly and relaxed demeanor, combined with his expertise and passion for driving, is a tremendous benefit that our members should take advantage of both on and off track.

Brad Beall

Member Instructor



Brad started out his driving career riding ‘dirt bikes’ in the Nevada desert… then as a teenager graduated to drag racing, winning several trophies with a 68 GTO. He has driven everything from Go karts to Semi-trucks and spent 4 years in the USAF, getting some ‘behind-the-wheel’ time in B-52 bombers.

He joined the Autobahn Country Club in 2004 before it was completed and was here on opening day giving rides in his Porsche 911SC and has been instructing here ever since. Along with visiting several other tracks around the country (Road America – VIR – Watkins Glen – Road Atlanta – Gingerman) he’s had the opportunity to drive various other track cars like Porsche Cup, and raced Spec Miata’s for many years with several podium finishes. Brad was instrumental in Audi’s arrive and drive program at ACC and has helped develop some of our driving schools. (Teen driving School – Police Academy – Autobahn Experience – Auto X) and is the head instructor for many of our driving programs here.