Three Track Driving Tips for Beginners

Jan 5, 2023 | Member Racing

Straight from the experts at the Lexus Performance Driving School, we’re sharing the three most important techniques novice race car drivers should learn on the track. Read on for beginner racing advice from some of the most experienced professional drivers in the world—including Lexus Brand Ambassador and veteran race car driver Scott Pruett.

#1: Always look Ahead
Whether driving to work or driving to win, one of the best techniques you can use is to keep your eyes on the road ahead—or, always look to the next corner. Track driving is quick. By the time your brain has comprehended what is immediately in front of you, you’ve already passed it—leaving you no time to make quick decisions. As soon as you enter a corner, keep your vision broad and look to the next one.

#2: Brake Smart
When approaching a corner, drivers need to brake just enough to reach their required speed at the apex point, without slowing down their exit. As you approach each corner, brake hard and smooth, releasing the brake as you enter the turn. Then, once you’ve hit the apex, start to accelerate towards the exit. Avoid entering the turn too fast or braking too hard to prevent unnecessary oversteer.

#3: Learn Your Line
At any track, it’s crucial to learn the racing line. Instructors at the Lexus Performance Driving School coach participants on where to place their vehicle, and when, to hit the perfect racing line at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Every track and every car is different, and professional instruction can make all the difference.

As always, Autobahn Driver Academy Instructors are available in season to provide our members one-on-one instruction.