Autobahn Country Club
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Autobahn Staff

Tim O’Donnell

Founder & CEO
(815) 823-8578


Tim is the Autobahn Country Club’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He is a co-founder of the Club and is an equity owner.  Tim also serves as a member of the Club’s Board of Managers. Tim took on key management duties at the Club beginning in 2018.

Tim is a corporate attorney and a certified public accountant and has practiced law for over 30 years. His extensive business background led to the development and execution of a successful business model for the Club, which is a proven leader in the motorsports club industry.

Tim is a car enthusiast and enjoys watching and participating in competitive sports. He particularly enjoys the camaraderie and sense of the community at the Autobahn Country Club.

Mark Basso

(815) 722-2227


Mark is the founder and an equity owner of the Autobahn Country Club. He serves in the position of Founder and member of the Club’s Board of Managers.

Mark is a three- time Chase Race Champion in 2010, 2017 and 2019.

Mark’s true passions were always about cars and motorsports.  Mark’s family belonged to a Golf Country Club for a few years and he wondered why car enthusiasts did not have their own place. This led him to develop the vision of a Motorsports Country Club.  After years of development work, finding a suitable location, fundraising, and obtaining entitlements for the Club’s 350 acres, Mark was instrumental in making Autobahn Country Club a reality when they broke ground in 2004.

Craig Cunningham

Chief Operating Officer & General Manager
(630) 886-0154


Craig is a founding member of the Autobahn Country Club, has served on the Board of Managers, and is an equity owner.

In January 2019, Craig assumed the role of General Manager with a focus on creating positive member experiences, nurturing and developing business relationships, increasing shareholder value, and investing in the team and facilities. His past experience of building entrepreneurial startup companies and navigating corporate business structures has created an ability to lead teams and companies with a clear mission, goals, and purpose.

Craig enjoys all forms of motorsports – two wheels, four wheels, snowmobiles – anything with a motor! He has raced in several classes of open wheel formula cars with the SCCA, Autobahn Member Racing, and continues to enjoy track time.

John Cunnea

Chief Finance & Accounting Officer
(815) 823-8575

Mike Gritter

Director of Track Operations/Member Racing
(815) 823-8587

Mike is the Track Manager & Race Director for the Autobahn Country Club. Since 2005 Mike has been responsible for overseeing our track operations for both corporate clients and members.

Mike’s interest in motorsports has allowed him to network with others throughout the industry in North America, leading to a broad knowledge base that’s highly respected among the community.

In addition to networking with others, Mike has also been instrumental in the creation of the Autobahn Member Racing League. This highly competitive league consists of multiple series for a variety of cars and has grown to be nationally recognized.

Kyle Nadeau

Track Operations Manager
(815) 280-1910

Alan Bertagnoli

Director Kart track Operations

Alan is the General Manager of the Kart Circuit at the Autobahn Country Club. Joining the team in 2019, Alan took on the responsibilities of everything Kart Circuit from kart sales, retail sales of apparel and safety gear, kart maintenance, Kart Circuit Autobahn Rental Kart League Race Director and league coordinator.

Before coming to the Club, Alan spent 20 years as a Sales Manager for a global high tech software and telecommunications company. He’s used this experience to establish Dealer and Distributor relationships with over 15 Manufacturers and Importers of Karting and Car products available at the Autobahn CC.

Alan is also actively involved and competing in two national kart racing organizations – SKUSA and USPKS. He is also a tuner and consultant for Kart Sport America.

Sarah Gimbel

Manager of Marketing & Member Support
(815) 823-8595

Ben Hasbrouck

Business Development Manager / Instructor
(312) 581-6606


Ben discovered his passion for motorsports at a young age, after being introduced to go karts. Upon finding the Autobahn Country Club in 2005, he spent his early years honing his skills at the kart track. Ben then progressed to endurance racing in Spec Miata and GT cars, as well as Formula racing.

Ben’s friendly and relaxed demeanor, combined with his expertise and passion for driving, is a tremendous benefit that our members should take advantage of both on and off track. More recently, Ben has begun focusing his time at looking at enhancing the Member and Club experience. Ben assists the club with sales, sponsorship opportunities, development of driving programs and club enhancements.

Jordan Missig

Manager – Autobahn Driver Academy Advanced Instructor



Jordan has been a motorsports Enthusiast his entire life, Jordan started in go karts when he joined the Autobahn, with his determination and work ethic has climbed up the motorsports ladder at a rapid rate moving from go karts to Radical Sportscars and now is in his Sophomore year in the Formula Regional America F3 Series and will also be racing in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series in 2021. Jordan is very experienced when it comes to data analysis and his attitude for constant progression is perfect for pairing up with drivers who are ready to take their driving skills to the next level.

Ron Dabisch

Director, Sales & Event Management
(815) 823-8570


Ron is the Sales & Marketing Director for the Autobahn Country Club. In addition to corporate entertainment and membership sales, he is responsible for managing the relationships with top auto manufacturers related to Autobahn’s fleet of over 25 performance and defensive driving vehicles.

Ron’s motorsports career started in NASCAR entertainment, working for Petty Enterprises and Richard Petty Driving Experience. While working for “The King,” he created sponsorship programs incorporating national fleets of branded race cars and activated those sponsorships though experiential events at various NASCAR tracks across the US.

Jim Novotny

(815) 823-8573

Starr Rocha

Food & Beverage Manager

(815) 823-8580

Tony Limbach

Registration Supervisor
(815) 823-8577