Track Tips from Britt

Dec 15, 2021 | Club Announcements

Keep your driving skills sharp with these tips from Autobahn’s Chief Instructor of Driver Development, Britt Casey Jr.

Reviewing Your Footage to Stay Fresh

Watching onboard camera footage from the 2021 season is a great way to keep driving skills fresh in preparation for 2022. This is the case for both lapping and racing on track.

The placement of onboard cameras varies from car to car depending on roll bars, camera mounting systems, etc. However, the ideal location for a single onboard camera should always include a clear view of the track ahead as well as the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. It is easiest to review your own driving when you can see the timing and style of your steering inputs in relation to the track ahead.

Here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself to maximize video review:

Apex Markers
-Am I getting down to every apex?
-If I missed an apex, why did that happen? (Ex: braking too late, locking up a tire, too late of a downshift)

 Racing Line
-Are my turn in points consistent?
-If turn in points are differing lap to lap, which lap looked smoother or faster on video?
-Was I able to get on the throttle sooner with a certain turn in point?
-Which corners on track provide a secondary racing line useful for passing in races?

Shift Points (Applies to Manual Transmissions)
-Simply put, this is free lap time on track. You want to make sure you are getting full use of the RPM’s in each gear before upshifting every time.
-In a race scenario, should I consider dropping down another gear knowing that my mid corner speed is slower while in traffic?

Brake Points and Braking Styles
-All drivers have a good idea of their typical brake points for each corner
-Compare two or three laps where you brake slightly earlier or slightly later than usual. Did these brake points help or hinder your ability to get to the apex?
-Which braking style gave you the stronger exit speed? You can see your exit speeds on camera by comparing your upshift points or the pitch of engine noise to gauge RPM.
-How consistent am I with my braking style for individual corners?

 Remember that the best critic of your driving is yourself! It is an enjoyable experience learning from your own driving footage through review and critique. Being able to pause, rewind, rewatch, and compare laps is a modern advantage that is guaranteed to provide improvement!