Autobahn Member Race School

Our goal is to ensure that all drivers are safe and adequately up to speed prior to racing. Being a member does not guarantee racing license approval. We offer a 2-day race school or accept other recognized race  licenses.

Instead of participating in our 2-day race school, portions of our licensing school can be done in a one-on-one setting through private instruction. Please reach out to Ben Hasbrouck for further information on private instruction.

Francesco D’Avola

Lead Race School Instructor


Francesco D’Avola began his high-speed career at the early age of 8 when he stepped into his first kart, and hasn’t looked back. Over the past 20 years he has gained a wealth of racing knowledge and experience as he has competed on every major track in the US and Europe. From his early years as a Skip Barber student, Francesco has assembled an impressive resume of victories in a short time, winning multiple championships as well as being a Top 5 driver in the Superkarts USA Pro circuit over a period of seven years.

In 2005, Francesco became a member of the Autobahn Country Club. This led to countless hours at the track and the formation of Team Stradale, a full service automotive shop, Radical dealer, and driving school center. Francesco and Team Stradale have joined arms with Autobahn to help power Autobahn’s Driver Development programs, bringing driver development expertise to Club members and the public. Francesco is also available for personal driver coaching and racing school instruction daily at Autobahn Country Club.

Mike Gritter

Director of Member Racing


Mike has had a passion for motorsports for as long as he can remember. As a seasoned karting veteran Mike fit in well with Autobahn. Having been with Autobahn since its opening, Mike has been instrumental in the growth of the Member Racing.

Serving as Race Director since its inception he has also gained valuable experience beyond the Club serving in differing roles, from Steward to Race Director, for amateur and professional racing organizations. Mikes priorities are to have a safe and fun environment where Members can pursue their racing goals.

Race School Programs



Autobahn 2 Day Race School

Racing School to obtain your Member Racing License

The Autobahn Race School is an extensive two-day school covering vehicle dynamics, passing drills and practice races. Day one encompasses vehicle dynamics with feedback on driving from instructors. Day two walks you through a race day with different scenarios, practice passing, race starts and racing drills.

At Autobahn we do require practice starts and race drills to participate in our member races. Alternatively prior racing experience or other recognized race licenses may be accepted for approval.

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After a thorough interview of your competition experience, we develop a custom driving program tailored to suit your exact skill level and designed to achieve your goals regardless of how simple or complex they might be.