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Jan 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

New Shocks Approved for Spec Miata

In keeping aligned with the SCCA Spec Miata rules, Autobahn has approved the use of Penske shocks in our Miata series.  SCCA has performed extensive testing with these shocks and has detailed their process in the links included below.  These new shocks are not mandatory so drivers who would prefer not to change at this time are not obligated.

A detailed account of the process including part numbers and ordering information is included in this link

Spec Miata Engine Seal Program Continues

Spec Miata racers will, again have the opportunity to get a seal placed on their engine if they are in the process of a rebuild.  Before the cylinder head is installed our Tech Inspector Joe Griffin will measure the internals to assure compliance and place a seal on the head bolts.  Many drivers this past season avoided inconvenient post-race technical inspections by having this seal on the engine.  The presence of a seal on the engine can give an automatic by pass when intrusive checks are performed.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity email Joe Griffin at and make arrangements for an inspection.

Renew Your License for the 2019 Racing Season

Each year racers are required to renew their Competition License with Tom Bagley. If you had a license this past year you are simply required to fill out the Competition License Renewal form.

 If your Physical Exam form has expired, then that will be required as well.

 The frequency at which drivers must renew their physical exam is age based.

 Drivers under 40 must complete this every 5 years

 Over 40 is every 3 years

 Over 50 every 2 years

 Over 70 is every year.

 These forms can be found under the member racing tab above, go to information and forms.  Please contact Tom Bagley with your license questions