Autobahn Kart Members take on Rock Island Grand Prix

Sep 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

It was a crisp clear weekend at the Rock Island Grand Prix for the 23rd annual kart race event. Many ABCC members were in attendance to take a shot at getting their names in the history books for this well organized race.  Jensen Benét, Jordon Missig & Joey Kall all competed with speed in mind for this high-speed two day event in their Margay Ignite series K3 karts.

The weekend started off with a Friday tech session & race talk presented by Margay with past RIGP winners in attendance. Each corner was dissected and spoke of in length giving the Margay tent occupants a clear racing advantage. Our three J’s (Jensen, Jordon & Joey) absorbed as much as they could as the experts waxed eloquently about all of the differing facets of this very difficult street surface. The main objective was said to be having fun, but continuously the focus was being well aware that this course & the barriers will bite you if you were not extremely careful. Oh boy! How we found that to be true!