We are proud to announce the Club’s new members who have joined or converted their membership so far this year.  Please say hello and welcome them to our Autobahn family.

Steven Albright            February 2020             Converted from Social to Full Member
John Milavec                February 2020             Social Member
John Pena                     February 2020             Social Member
Lorenzo DiBacco         February 2020             Social Member
Roberta Cipriani          March 2020                 Social Member
Richard Sierra              May 2020                    Full Member
Mike Kerwin                 May 2020                    Converted from Social to Full Member
Jimmy Chamberlin      May 2020                    Full Member
Chad McRoberts         May 2020                    Social Member
Frank DuPont              May 2020                    Social Member
Bartosz Surowka         May 2020                    Social Member
Mike Ryan                     June 2020                    Full Member
Jordan Bressler            June 2020                    Full Member
Mark Mercado             June 2020                    Full Member
Nigel Symons               June 2020                    Social Member
Tony Hodermarsky     July 2020                     Full Member
Mo Dadkhah                July 2020                     Full Member
Patrick Bass                  July 2020                     Social Member
Lee Appelhans             July 2020                     Social Member

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