Test Drive An Ignite Kart This Weekend!

Visit the kart track for one free session in these great karts.

The Ignite spec kart and race program are ideally suited for an Autobahn karting program. The kart & engine package is designed to be user-friendly, low-maintenance and evenly matched. The low-horsepower, low-grip nature of the kart makes it an ideal platform for driver development…especially young driver development. The Ignite kart is also an ideal vehicle for veteran drivers to really go wheel to wheel with each other without the fear of a really expensive repair bill.

These karts will be available for sale and with enough interest would make a great racing series.

They feature a Margay designed chassis with a sealed 4 stroke motor. A complete race package retails for around $4,000. Engines are expected to last several seasons and are only $500 to replace.

Try one out!