Prepare for the 2022 Season!

Nov 30, 2021 | Club Announcements

The off-season typically means race cars are under their covers and battery tenders are plugged in until April. However, the off-season still provides the opportunity to improve driving and racecraft at home!

Sim racing, more specifically iRacing, is the go-to simulator for professional and enthusiast racers. iRacing includes the most complex and realistic race car physics based on professional driver feedback. Utilizing iRacing with the proper sim racing hardware is a competitive advantage over your competition. It will keep you fresh during the off season and ready for April 2022!

The best one-time investment in sim racing hardware is a direct drive wheel base combined with a higher-end pedal system. The feedback of a direct drive wheel base is incomparable to any belt driven wheel base. Direct drive provides instantaneous feedback through its single shaft system rather than the belt/pulley system of the previous generation wheel bases. Pedal systems such as the Fanatec V3’s are a great all around system that allows for pedal stiffness adjustment and rumble motor feedback on the pedals.

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season upon us, be on the lookout for deals on sim racing hardware from various retailers! A quick google search of “sim racing equipment” will yield various companies that retail or custom-build sim racing components. Another great option is to search for used high-end sim racing hardware. Popular Facebook pages such as “Sim Racing Gear Buy/Sell/Trade” are great places to search through for better deals on hardware as well as dedicated sim racing PC’s!