Podcast – Octoberfast -Kyle Nadeau & Jordan Missig on October Events

Sep 22, 2021 | Club Announcements, Podcast

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October is somewhat bittersweet at the Autobahn Country Club. It is just chucked full of events after events, but it also is the last month of the season. We only have 2 shows left for the season 4 of the podcast as we wrap up a fantastic year at the club. We have one more interview show followed by our recap show at the end of October. No better way to start the final act of 2021 with 2 fantastic gentlemen who took time out of their Friday afternoon to jump behind the microphone.

This show we welcome back Kyle Nadeau, who in the past has been a recurring guest on the show but has been so busy lately he has been difficult to track down. And a funny thing happened on the way to the South Timing Building to record the show, I offered Autobahn’s own racing car driver Jordan Missig a ride in the Graybeal Racing Team’s golf cart. Little did he know I had ulterior motives and I drove him right to the recording studio for this show. Jordan graciously accepted the co-host microphone and so, we have a special show with guest host Jordan Missig as we get entertained by the one and only Kyle Nadeau from Track Operations.

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