Notice to All Autobahn Racers

Mar 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

Annual License Renewals

Remember that Autobahn Annual license renewal forms are due before you can race in 2019.  Don’t miss a race due to procrastination or oversight.  Also don’t wait until the last minute in case there are issues to resolve.  All forms (with instructions) can be obtained at on the third row down under the heading Member Racing Forms.

For those who had 2018 licenses, the Medical expiration date is shown on your license.  As a clarification, your Medical Due date is a function of the age of the driver as follows:

Up to 40 years of age – Every five years

41-50 years of age      – Every three years

51-70 years of age      – Every two years

70 and over                  – Every year

All licensing paperwork should be delivered to Tom Bagley or emailed to

GT Racers

Make sure you get your Dyno Sheets into Tony Kester (, which are required each year. The form to be used is at the same location as the licensing forms and is named GT Challenge Car Information Form.

Race Entries

Make sure you sign up for each race at least 24 hours prior to the race by emailing Mike Gritter at