North Track Gets a Face Lift

Sep 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

Track improvements continued earlier this week with a repaving of a section of the North Track.

The area getting the attention this time around begins before turn 5 and extends all the way past turn 7.

Work began on Monday by grinding off just a ½ inch of the old surface. Once the grinder was done the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to preparing the sight for the paving crew the next day.

Tuesday was paving day and the hot conditions were ideal for the job.

Initial test drives showed that many of the large bumps have been eliminated and the overall feeling was that everything went well.

The one thing that stood out is drivers will have lost some of their reliable reference points on the track.

In particular, the large square in turn 6 that has been used as a visual for a decade now is gone!

It will be an interesting time as drivers learn new points of reference and test the grip levels of the new surface.