Members’ Committee

Jun 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

Some members may know and others may not know that we have a Members’ Committee here at Autobahn Country Club.  The purpose of this Committee is to provide a forum to facilitate member communication, address Club and Club member issues, improve the members’ experience and increase member utilization of the Club.  The Members’ Committee is comprised of 9 Club members in total, providing for a broad representation given Club member demographics, with one member serving as Chairperson.  The Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

* Rob Weidenaar – Chairperson
* Terri Alexander
* Kevin Davis
* Ed Dunne
* Charley Margosian
* Mark Stadalsky
* Bruce Wallace
* Tony Weir
*  Art Ziesmer
* Jim Morris – Chairperson Emeritus