Member Racing News

Feb 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

2019 Racing Season is Coming Soon!

Make your plans to join us for the next exciting season of the Autobahn Member Racing League.

Whether you’re a racer or like to cheer on your favorite driver, there is no shortage of events to put on your calendar.

For the complete racing schedule click here.

GT Rule Changes for 2019

Minor adjustments have been made to the GT Challenge series car classifications.

Highlights include an adjustment to the calculations for mid-engine cars and PDK transmissions.

The rewards weights rules have been altered slightly for occasions when a class may have limited number of entries.  Click here for details.

Reminder- Dyno results and GT Classification form must be completed each year before entering a race.

Click here for updated GT Classification form.

Renew Your License Annually

Competition licenses must be renewed each year.

If your medical form has expired this must be updated as well.

Please submit all questions and forms to

New fleet cars for 2019!