Podcast #44 All About Karting with Margay Karts

Jul 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

Karts, karts, karts!  I am a big fan of kart racing. At the Autobahn Country Club our largest kart-racing group is the Ignite Spec Racing Series.  In a few words “It’s a total blast”.  Starting only a few years ago, the Margay Ignite Spec Racing Series has grown exponentially.  Drivers of all ages get behind the wheel of a reliable, fun, exciting, fast, and affordable sprint racing kart.  For over 2 years the podcast has worked on getting Margay on the show.  We finally did last May when Sean Kennedy of Margay Racing sat down with us for a full interview.  Margay is located in St. Louis and their home track is the Gateway Kartplex, across the Missouri boarder in Madison, Illinois.  As a racing family (cars and karts), we have been around the entire Margay team over the past few years.  We have spent time with Sean as a tuner, coach, and all around hand holder for our family and we are eager to hear more about him, his history with his first job at the Autobahn Country Club, and how Margay became a dominate player in the spec kart racing world.  Now let us welcome Sean Kennedy of Margay Racing on the Autobahn Country Club Podcast.