Mar 24, 2021 | Karting Korner

Are you on the lookout for a new Car or Kart helmet in 2021? We recently signed on as an Arai Dealer and will have several SA2020 and K2020 rated helmets in stock including the new GP7, SK6 and CK6.

 From MotoGP to Formula 1, Arai is chosen by many top riders and drivers, and this offers them a wealth of feedback at the highest levels of racing. Many F1 drivers and top-level motorcycle racers use standard Arai sizes. Just think of it, standard Arai sizes are good enough for world championship contenders to perform at their peak under the most extreme race conditions. These are exactly the same type & size helmets you can buy right here on site at the Autobahn.

 We are still a Bell Helmet Dealer as well, but we have had several requests for Arai and for those who have ever worn one of their helmets you know how nice they are.