Koval Distillery Tour Set For February 28th

Feb 25, 2015 | EVENTS, Uncategorized


How about an off season get together on February 28th at 7:00 pm at Koval Distillery in Andersonville!
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We booked a private tour where you will be able taste 8 or 9 different spirits, each illustrating a different part of the subject matter. Gin, Vodka, various Whiskies, and liqueurs will all be sampled.

They will cover the history of the company, do a primer on distilling and distilling history, and then move on to talk about barrels and some other interesting parts of Whiskey in America and worldwide.

They will be open for Q&A and every tour gets a 10% discount in their retail store. Guests may also try anything else they might be curious about.

The cost is $15pp

Space is limited to 25 so far we have 15 signed up. No group transportation available.

Any suggestions for a place to go afterwards to grab a bite to eat?

Please contact Terri if you are interested in going:

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