Karting Korner

Dec 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

Now that the 2019 Karting season has concluded, it’s time to properly winterize your kart for storage over the winter months.

Keep in mind that this is a racing machine that if not maintained properly will have declining performance over time, and thus will not be as competitive if used for racing or as much fun if you’re doing hot laps and practice.

For members that are storing your kart with us over the winter, we will drain the fuel from the tank and carb, do a mild cleaning and rack it until spring. If you have a kart cover, I would recommend dropping it off at the Kart Garage and we will cover your kart. If you do not have one, it’s highly recommended and an inexpensive way to keep your kart clean and dust free so when you are ready to break it out in the spring it looks like the day you put it away in November. We can get kart covers for $65.00 so if interested please contact Alan at the Kart Circuit.

We also offer a full disassembly, cleaning, nut & bolt check and reassembly service for those who are serious about starting the season with a like new kart. This is the best way to make sure that everything is in good mechanical working order, and also an easier way to determine if any parts are worn and need replacement. In pro karting the karts are partially disassembled after every day of use and fully broken down after every race weekend for this very purpose. The Kart Circuit offers this service for $500 (not including parts if needed)

Please contact Alan at the Kart Circuit for additional details or to schedule this service or any other you are looking to have done during the off season.

Alan Bertagnoli