Kart License Certification Program 2021 • April 24th 9am

Apr 21, 2021 | Karting Korner

For those of you who are not aware we are initiating a Kart License in 2021 and is mandatory for all new racers who wish to participate in the Member Kart Racing Series.

Please call ahead to reserve your spot.(Cost = $75.00)


  • Mandatory 15 Sessions of practice time as logged by participant and approved by ABCC kart track General Manager (preferred to have at least 75% completed prior to participation in ABCC karting skills and licensing course)
  • Mandatory participation and completion of ABCC karting skills and licensing course
  • New Members who have prior karting competition experience outside of ABCC must provide a brief verifiable history or resume of their past racing experience and it must be approved by ABCC kart track General Manager. If approved member will be granted an ABCC kart racing competition license
  • All 2019 & 2020 and prior members who have competed in the ABCC karting member racing series are not required to meet the above requirements and will be granted an ABCC kart racing competition license but are encouraged and welcome to participate in the course curriculum
  • Licensing course is open to any member 6 years old and up with approved kart
  • Upon completion the new racer will be required to wear an “X” on the back of their helmet and must start in the rear of the field for every race in their first three events or at the discretion of the kart track General Manager. The General Manager’s decision is final. This is referred to as the rookie probation period

Contact Alan Bertagnoli at  alanbertagnoli@kartcircuitautobahn.com or (630) 740-3249 or call the new Kart Circuit direct number 815-317-3124.