Interested in a low-mileage BMW?

Mar 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

The new track season will also bring us a new fleet of BMW’s for our defensive driving programs. With the new cars arriving soon, BMW is offering our members the opportunity to purchase our 2017 fleet. All vehicles have well under 500 miles and have never left the facility. Here’s a list: 

White 320i – 246mi

Blue i3 – 258mi

Dark Blue 320i – 306mi

Black 320i – 296mi

Brown X1 – 399 mi

Brown X1 – 352mi

Gray 320i – 318mi

Black 340i – 446mi

Brown X1 – 323mi

Brown X1 – 474mi

 If you’re interested in one, please contact Ron and we’ll get you connected with a dealer in the region who will provide a quote. Test drives are available, the cars will only be here a short time so don’t delay! Contact Ron @