Here’s What You Missed at OktoberFast!

What an amazing fall festival weekend of OktoberFast! Hundreds of members and guests came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and fantastic club racing. Congratulations to all the participants and we look forward to the 2022 season.

Watch the livestream of all the racing action here: 

Here are the winners of the OctoberFast weekend:

Spec Miata

  1. Britt Casey Jr.
  2. Ethan Tyler
  3. Taro Kushida

Spec Miata 2

  1. Lee Werner
  2. Aiden Quirini
  3. Mike Ryan

Chase Race Pro

  1. Kevin Malone
  2. Gary Traverso
  3. Mike Ryan

Chase Race Sportsman

  1. Darryl Drake
  2. Heidi Graybeal
  3. Bob Groselak

Radical Cup

  1. Mike Anzaldi
  2. Mike D’Ambrose
  3. Ryan Kelly

Pro Mazda

  1. Jordan Missig
  2. Kevin Davis
  3. Brandon Schwarz


  1. Mark Boden
  2. Tom Herb
  3. Brett Scroggin


  1. Joel Weinberger
  2. Tony Malito
  3. Jean Jodoin


  1. John Jodoin
  2. Chris Beary
  3. Mike Brinati


  1. Mo Dadkhah
  2. Charley Margosian
  3. Brian Lahmann


  1. Shane Leathers
  2. Mike Keck
  3. Bob Noorian


Kart League

Ignite Seniors

  1. David Goldman
  2. Robert Cipriani
  3. Mitch Graybeal

Ignite Juniors

  1. Connor Willis
  2. Zach Kubinski
  3. Matt Miller

Ignite Rookies

  1. Gavin Gleitsman
  2. Easton Kubinski
  3. Thomas Greenwood

Honda Kid Kart

  1. Andrew Botnari



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