Going out in Style

Nov 10, 2023 | Club Announcements

As we close out the 2023 Autobahn Member racing series, we look back at all the memories created along with the new racing stories. On October 28th, we recognized all of the hard work and dedication the racers have put in by hosting the Awards Banquet.

To relive all the racing highlights, please check out our highlight reels here https://www.youtube.com/@AutobahnCC/featured

Congratulations goes out to all of the racers but here are the top competitors in each class!

Spec Miata

  1. Brandon Collins
  2. Matt Alexander
  3. Taro Kushida


  1. Matteo Azari
  2. Luke Satterfield
  3. Bob Groselak


  1. Tadas Karlinskas
  2. Dan Gove
  3. Brandon Collins


  1. Britt Casey Sr
  2. Dick Ruckh


  1. Ron Rashinski
  2. Val Gaurylius
  3. John Rante


  1. Charles Margosian
  2. Scott Bening Sr
  3. Sean Venckevicius


  1. Mike Keck
  2. Bob Noorian
  3. Brian Helmintoler

Pro Mazda

  1. Brandon Schwarz
  2. Charles Meagher

Radical Cup

  1. Ben Blander
  2. Evan Cooley

Spec Miata Masters–  Art Ziesmer
SM2 Masters– Mark Stadalsky
Spec Miata Rookie of the Year– Chris Dimuzio
Jeff Green Sportsman of the Year– Bob Noorian
Worker’s Choice– John Mikulski

Chase Race Sportsman

  1. Tim Miller
  2. Arturo Lopez
  3. Doug Warlick

Chase Race Pro

  1. Mike Ryan
  2. Mark Basso
  3. Art Ziesmer

Ignite Senior

  1. Logan Nealis
  2. Evan Cooley
  3. Dylan Turnbull

Ignite Junior

  1. Gavin Gleitsman
  2. Samuel Bowman
  3. Brenden Cooley

Ignite Rookie

  1. Thomas Greenwood
  2. Miles Ziesmer
  3. Weston Pignotti

Kid Kart

  1. Grayson Keary
  2. Fischer McDonald
  3. James Lamanna

KA100 Junior

  1. Brenden Cooley
  2. Julia Noel

Most Improved Karter– Dylan Turnbull
Karting Sportsman of the Year– Brenden Cooley
Karting Rookie of the Year– Calcium Ciaglia