Member Racing Series Drives to the Finish Line

Oct 26, 2023 | Member Racing

Fall is officially upon us, and as the weather inevitably cools down, the racing at Autobahn heats up. We have had some really solid grids this year in each racing series so let’s finish this season strong! Here is a racing wrap-up leading into the final races of the year.

Spec Miata
This series has always been hotly contested. Leading the points in the Championship series is Matt Alexander, but Brandon Collins, Taro Kushida and others are nipping at his heels.

This group is fun to watch for the up-and-comers at the Club. Matteo Azari is currently leading the way with Bob Groselak and Luke Satterfield looking to take the top spot.

For the first time in a long time, we might crown a different GT1 champion. Tony Karlinskas and Brandon Collins are very close and the last two races will decide the champion. It’s exciting to have more cars on the grid this year with the big toys! Dan Gove will be fighting for 3rd this year, and we all love seeing his Vette shoot fire!

GT2 has been a little light this year, but Britt Casey Sr. can seal up the Championship by showing up for the last two. Dick Ruckh has a shot as well. Newcomer Chris Hutter drove well and will be a force in years to come in GT2. Hoping to see him finish out the year with us.

Ron Rashinski has been the one to beat this year, with 690 points, he’s 10 points away from perfect. Tom Herb will be back, as we saw him yesterday on track looking quick and the car is back in fine form after an unfortunate fire earlier this year. Brinati, Valdas and Rante can fight it out to determine P2 and P3, if you all show up, it will be a photo finish.

Charley Margosian is leading at the moment and should be hard to surpass in point rankings, but Julie Riggen, Scott Bening and Sean V are all in a position to be P2 for the year.

In what has become an end of year tradition in GT5, Noorian and Keck are fighting it out for the championship. This one will come down to the last two races. After those two, Brian Helmintoler seems to have 3rd place in the bag, but we are eagerly awaiting the return of Jim Dvorak to GT racing and a guest appearance from Denny Hiffman or Gary Collins is always a welcome addition.

Radical Cup/Wings-N-Things
Ben Blander has been dominant this season however David Hahn and Alon Kim could give him a run for his money. New comer Evan Cooley could mix things up as well so everything is still up for grabs. Brandon Schwarz has the open wheel championship in the bag, but Charles Meagher is waiting in the “wings”. These series are one of the fastest and most exciting races to watch.