Private Driving Instruction

Accelerate your Success – Choose your Path

For those that have a need for speed and want an introduction to racing

  • Karting Camp
    • Getting Started
    • Racer Mentality
    • Kart Set Up
  • Safety Gear Overview
  • Flags Overview
  • Data Analysis
  • Kart Circuit AutobahnRace Licensing

For those that have a high-performance vehicle and want to sharpen their skills

  • Driving Techniques
  • High Speed Lapping
  • Race Line
  • Rules on Track
  • Manual Transmission Training / Footwork

For those that have aspirations to be more competitive on the track

  • Developing Race Craft
  • Car Set Up
  • Data Analysis
  • Passing Techniques
  • Advanced DrivingTechniques
  • Goal Setting

For those that want to make their hobby their career

  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Advice for Sponsorship
  • Testing Team Contact
  • Mentorship

Our Instructors


Ben discovered his passion for motorsports at a young age, after being introduced to go karts. Upon finding the Autobahn Country Club in 2005, he spent his early years honing his skills at the kart track. Ben then progressed to endurance racing in Spec Miata and GT cars, as well as Formula racing. Ben’s friendly and relaxed demeanor, combined with his expertise and passion for driving, is a tremendous benefit that our members should take advantage of both on and off track.


Britt was introduced to motorsport through Kart Circuit Autobahn in 2009 before graduating into Autobahn’s Spec Miata Championship in 2011. Britt’s professional racing background and experience is extensive. Since 2014, Britt has competed in IMSA and has collected numerous accolades including the inaugural IMSA TCR Championship, two Manufacturer’s Championships, in addition to a long list of podiums, wins, and pole starts. These successes are further complimented by his 2020 Gorsline Scholarship Nomination and selection for Porsche Young Driver Academy VIII.

In addition to driving, Britt has extensive experience working for world-renown endurance sports car engineers and their North American motorsport programs. Away from racing, Britt is a 2020 Graduate of Miami University’s Farmer School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Jordan has been a motorsports Enthusiast his entire life, Jordan started in go karts when he joined the Autobahn, with his determination and work ethic has climbed up the motorsports ladder at a rapid rate moving from go karts to Radical Sportscars and now is in his Sophomore year in the Formula Regional America F3 Series and will also be racing in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series  in 2021. Jordan is very experienced when it comes to data analysis and his attitude for constant progression is perfect for pairing up with drivers who are ready to take their driving skills to the next level.


Michai has a formidable career in motorsports and has been a great beacon of inspiration for those who simply want to race. With a calm demeanor, Michai is a great with students who need reassurance, and is also very well versed in data analysis needed by many advanced drivers.

With experience in formula cars, Michai works best with Radical drivers and drivers of other high-downforce, high-speed cars.

Victor has been a travel instructor for a number of years based on his intuitive understanding of chassis dynamics. Intensive data analysis and setup are Victors strong points, meaning he’s the go-to instructor at Team Stradale’s Radical Cup races. Victors own experience and success in the Road To Indy series means his services are best suited for drivers who want that extra competitive edge.
Francesco D’Avola began his high-speed career at the early age of 8 when he stepped into his first kart, and hasn’t looked back. Over the past 20 years he has gained a wealth of racing knowledge and experience as he has competed on every major track in the US and Europe. From his early years as a Skip Barber student, Francesco has assembled an impressive resume of victories in a short time, winning multiple championships as well as being a Top 5 driver in the Superkarts USA Pro circuit over a period of seven years.

In 2005, Francesco became a member of the Autobahn Country Club. This led to countless hours at the track and the formation of Team Stradale, a full service automotive shop, Radical dealer, and driving school center. Francesco and Team Stradale have joined arms with Autobahn to help power Autobahn’s Driver Development programs, bringing driver development expertise to Club members and the public. Francesco is also available for personal driver coaching and racing school instruction daily at Autobahn Country Club.


Brett has 5 years Youth Coaching Experience and specializes in Kid Kart, Rookie and Junior drivers.  He provides Beginner to Intermediate Level Instruction on 2 & 4 Cycle Karts.  In addition to Lead/Follow Driving, Video Analysis and Track Walks.


Alex is a 4 Time U.S. Karting Champion with 4 years of Kart Instruction experience.  He specializes in Youth to Adult drivers and Advanced Driving and Race Craft.  He also provides Mychron Data Analysis, Video Analysis, Kart Setup & Tuning.

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