Brett Scroggin Ends TC America Championship Season With A Bang

Oct 13, 2022 | Racing News

Entering the last SRO TC America weekend with a virtually unscathed race car, Brett Scroggin had 3 goals. A pole, a podium, and if possible, keep the pristine M2 pristine. Well two out of three isn’t bad.

In the weekend’s first race, going into Turn 1 and trying to avoid a spin in front of him, Skippy was himself tagged from behind and spun, placing him near the back of the pack. Dealing with some aerodynamic “changes”, he was still able to claw his way back to 4th. While doing so, he set the race fastest lap earning him the pole for the season finale. 

Brett hoped to fair better in Race 2 as polesitter, but it was not to be, as Turn 1 came up to bite him again and the #51 got banged on the passenger side, this time causing significant body damage. But to the credit of the stout little M2, the damage did not seem to upset the handling. The incident did shuffle Skippy back to 5th, however. Not deterred, Skip fought back and got himself to the bumpers of the race leaders who were fighting for the championship. Although he took some hard “looks” in the last laps, Brett said, “I wasn’t running for points and did not want to be that guy who got over aggressive and ruined either one of their chances for the championship. If a clear opportunity had presented itself, I would have taken it, but I had my first podium secured and was thrilled to take home that trophy”. 

In the end, Brett gave a big thank you to Brian Foster, Chris Kester and his coach Tony Kester for the tireless effort getting the M2’s set up spot on. Skips dad Wes added, “All in all we checked off a lot of boxes this season and we now have plenty of time to get the M2 pretty again.”