Black Friday Tour-key Hunt

Nov 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

Conditions couldn’t have been any better for the Black Friday Tour-key Hunt. The previous rains culminated in heavy mud and high water for the various creek crossings along the way. Members and their families came out to explore the uncharted territory around Autobahn and discovered some beautiful fall foliage. Amy Wittkamper said “you forget that you’re at a race track” as she walked through the wooded trails behind the North straight. Other members stretched their suspension on the opposable gravel bumps before heading to one of many creek crossings. The first creek victim was Alan Zocher when his 4 wheel drive failed to engage. A helpful winching from Charlie Reiter’s Jeep got him back on his way and he never looked back. John Graybeal’s UTV was unstoppable, climbing over the steepest grades and plowing through the deepest water. John Oliver’s family brought dirt bikes and made short work of any obstacles thrown at them. Brian Lahmann’s black Jeep Wrangler was unrecognizable when it left caked in brown mud.

The Trap shooting event had a great turnout. Members challenged each other in a best of 25 shot rounds with impressive shooting from everyone. James Wittkamper dazzled the crowds with the highest score overall hitting an impressive 18/25 clays.