Autobahn’s Christian Weir Finishes on the Podium at the Margay Ignite Challenge Battle of the Brickyard in Indianapolis

Aug 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

Autobahn’s very own, Christian Weir kisses the bricks and drinks the milk as he takes 3rd place in the Margay Ignite Challenge Battle of the Brickyard in Indianapolis, Indiana last weekend.

Christian Weir set the pole for the race weekend in the Margay Ignite Jr. class and fought hard, pushing for faster and faster times in 3 heat races.  On a track this fast, some bad decisions from other drivers separated the “pack” in the first lap- forcing Christian back to 6th, but then he hit the afterburners running a blistering series of laps in the 1:11’s, and as the announcer said on the PA system “Christian Weir is charging back thru the field” and he drove his butt off to secure a safe 3rd place podium finish.

Needless to say, Christian was thrilled after driving on the famous track and crossing the brick lined finish line for the podium.  The Autobahn family is very proud of him along with great showings by Connor Willis and Mitch Graybeal for travelling to battle it out with over 400 total entries for the weekend.  Way to go and we will see if he can repeat his success for the Autobahn Kart League race on August 15th.