Autobahn Podcast #55, James Keck & Motobloq

Apr 21, 2021 | Club Announcements, Podcast

Ok, put on your seatbelts, well virtual seat belts that is. This episode we move into the year 2021 and talk with member James Keck about his new NFT site. Say what? What is an NFT, well what is a blockchain, crypto currency, and …. I am getting ahead of myself. “Slow down big spender” was a text I got from a friend Sunday night… are you following this introduction? I am not sure I am, we are all over the place! And that is what is about to explode in this week’s show. We have a darn good show about, well the future. I told my friends that this is the most technical show we have ever had. Do you own any Bitcoin? Andy NFT’s Any ….No, you don’t want to miss this episode, you don’t want to unlatch your seat belts as we are still on an active taxiway we are about to takeoff and now let’s welcome James Keck on the Autobahn Country Club podcast.

CLICK HERE for the audio Podcast, or HERE for video.