Autobahn Now Offering Molecule Motorsport Gear Products

Mar 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Autobahn Country Club is now a reseller of Molecule Motorsport Gear Products

The uses for Molecule in Motorsports range from gear refresh (keeping your clean gear smelling good), to wash (keeping your gear clean and fresh), to protectants and anti-fogs that keep you out on the road or track.

We stock the full product line of Molecule products (Wash, Refresh, Spot Cleaner & Protector) designed safely for both Nomex® and Karting suits. We also have Helmet Care Kits which contain (Cleaner, Polish, Anti-Fog & Rain Repel) 

Molecule is the leader in producing the highest-level equipment cleaners. While most companies have a product line to fit one category, they have created the most versatile offering of cleaners in the world. Born as a brand to keep driver Nomex® fire suits protected in motorsports, Molecule has become the trusted solution for all motorsports, sports and tactical equipment. From a multimillion-dollar racecar to hockey gloves to yoga towels, Molecule has everyone covered and ready to Keep It Clean.

Contact Alan Bertagnoli at or (630) 740-3249 or call the new Kart Circuit direct number 815-317-3124.