Autobahn Members Competing at SCCA Runoffs This Weekend

Sep 27, 2022 | Racing News

The 2022 SCCA National Runoffs will take place at VIR this year. As the culminating event of the SCCA National championships, the Runoffs feature the best SCCA drivers from the USA to compete head to head for their respective class championship titles. Each class will have one race to determine their champion driver. 

There are several Autobahn drivers competing at the SCCA Runoffs this year. The following drivers and their corresponding classes and car numbers are as follows: 

T1 (Race is Friday at 9:15AM ET) Friday Live Stream 

Driver: Mark Boden #46

GT1 (Race is Friday at 11:15AM ET) Friday Live Stream 

Driver: Tom Herb #16

Spec Miata (Race is Saturday at 11:15AM ET) Saturday Live Stream

Drivers: Greg Sorg #71, Sean Varwig #02

T2 (Race is Saturday at 5:00PM ET) Saturday Live Stream

Drivers: Mark Boden #46, Aaron Kaplan #18

GT2 (Race is Sunday at 11:15AM ET) Sunday Live Stream

Drivers: Daniel Bender #36, Tom Herb #161

Good Luck to all Autobahn Drivers this week!