Autobahn Competition Licensing School March 25, 2017

Mar 1, 2017 | Member Racing

• Completion of this school is required for Autobahn Racing License
All or part of school may be waived based on previous racing experience (contact Tom Bagley)

• Drivers must have all licensing information in to Tom Bagley
This includes license application, racing history, and racing physical

• Driver safety equipment is required
Drivers must have approved helmet (Snell 2010), driver’s suit, shoes, gloves, etc. Hans (or equivalent) device is recommended, but not required for the school

• Only Closed Wheel, competition approved cars may be used

• Cost of the school is $125 for Autobahn Members, $225 for Non-members

• The school will take place on the North Track, classes will be held in the North tower classroom

• Drivers are encouraged to read the first forty pages of the Member Racing rulebook

• The rulebook section on FLAGS is required reading

Every effort will be made to accommodate members who might need special assistance or consideration in completing this school. This doesn’t imply that drivers will be awarded a license on the basis of a phone call, but if you need a Hans device, your car isn’t ready yet, you only have an open wheel car, your dog ate your license application, or whatever, contact Tom ( ) or myself
( ) for assistance.

The Autobahn is a club, not the FIA or Indycar, and we’ll attempt to help beg, borrow, rent, or steal (?) whatever we can to help members complete this school with a minimum of expense and inconvenience.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 25th!

Tony Kester
Autobahn Chief Instructor
Autobahn Licensing School Schedule
March 25, 2017



11:30-1:30pm  Classroom instruction and discussions In North Tower
1:30-2:00pm  Stage cars for Open Practice
2:00-2:25pm  Open Practice
2:25-2:50pm  Drivers and cars to staging area
2:50-3:15pm  Passing Drills Explained
3:15-3:50pm  Passing Drills
3:50-4:05pm  Cars to Grid
4:05-4:20pm  Pre-Race Drivers Meeting
4:25pm  Five Minute Warning
4:30-5:00pm  Practice Race