The Annual Meeting, Recognition of Founding Members and Unveiling of Clubhouse Renovation

Apr 17, 2019 | EVENTS

There was a great turnout on Friday night for the Annual Meeting and Recognition of the Founding Members that was followed by the unveiling of the clubhouse renovations.  Items covered during the Annual Meeting included: an opening statement by Mark Basso, introduction of the Board of Managers, executive team and department heads by Tim O’Donnell, comments by Craig Cunningham who is our new General Manager, an update on the kart track facility and introduction of our new kart track General Manager-Alan Bertagnoli by Tim O’Donnell, a Building Committee update by Chairman-Mark Stadalsky, a Member Committee update by Chairman-Rob Weidenaar, and a Sales Team update by Mark Basso and Ron Dabisch.

At that point the Annual Meeting concluded, and Tim O’Donnell and Mark Basso recognized the Founding Members of the Club for their role in making all of this possible.  Founders names were read and those who were present were asked to come forward and receive a framed certificate in recognition of their contribution to the creation and success of Autobahn Country Club.  There was then a champagne toast to the Founders.  At this point Tim O’Donnell turned to the new bar area and asked that the door be opened to reveal this beautiful new space for members and their guests to enjoy for years to come.  The night was a huge success!