26 Hr Karting Enduro Planned For End Of August

Jul 27, 2016 | Uncategorized


Autobahn Country Club, along with Margay Karts is exploring the possibility of a 26 Hour Karting Enduro.
Yes you read that right, 26 HOURS!
Are we crazy to try this? YES. Are you crazy enough to be involved? That’s what we want to know.

The race is tentatively set for August 27-28 of this year. We need a minimum of 8 teams to confirm within the next few weeks for this to happen.

New Details!!!

Option One: Full Support and Supplied Kart
Teams choosing this option would be provided a brand new Margay Ignite kart specifically modified for this length race. Margay would supply full support including the kart, tires, fuel, spares and a pit crew. Entry fee would be $7,000 per team. Teams can have up to 12 drivers.

Option Two: Kart Supplied with No Support
This option includes a fully prepped prepped for this length enduro Ignite kart supplied by Margay. The cost for this option would be $4900.00 per team. This includes one set of tires (mounted on the kart) and a MyChron 5 on the kart with a spare battery (batteries would be swapped every fuel stop).
This does not include:
*Additional tires
*Trackside support
*A set of tires mounted on DWT wheels would be $384.20 on site, a set of tires only including mounting would be $229.20.

Option Three: Provide Your Own Kart and Support

In this option you may use your own Ignite kart or purchase one before the race. Base price for a new kart is $3995 and can be ordered through Mike Gritter. Each team using this option is responsible for all prep and support. Tires may be purchased from margay and fuel may be purchased from the track. Teams that need to order a kart for this option are encouraged to do so promptly in order to ensure timely delivery. Entry fee for this option is only $300 however the team is responsible for all other costs.

Each team would be required to have one Club member as the Captain, additional drivers can be non-member by invite only. Margay Karting will also be allowed to invite teams.

What we need to get this planned is commitments from team Captains so we can reach our minimum of 8 teams. This will confirm the commitment from Margay to begin preparations on the karts.

If you are interested or would like more information please email mikegritter@autobahncc.com