Nov 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

The popular Margay Ignite program that featured a 46-kart field at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and 54 entries at the Rock Island Grand Prix earlier this year will take the green flag inside the World Center of Racing this December 27-30 as part of the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup Series. Added as a local option class, Ignite Senior will utilize the same Ignite rules package racers around the Midwest are already familiar with. With only a sprocket change to their existing Ignite kart, racers from around the country will be able to race inside the same facility that hosts the Super Bowl of racing – Daytona International Speedway. A full field of Ignite K3 chassis equipped with Briggs LO206 engines and Bridgestone YDS tires will fight to etch their names in the history books alongside other legendary Daytona champions.

Don’t know what to ask Santa for this year? We’ve got the perfect answer. Full Arrive & Drive packages are available, and although they won’t quite fit in your stocking, would create an unforgettable racing vacation inside one of the world’s best known racing facilities. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, start polishing the helmet and get ready for fast, fun, fair kart racing at the world center of speed. Arrive & Drive packages include a new Ignite K3 package, Briggs LO206 engine, Bridgestone tires, full support staff, catered lunches, all race fuel and more. Show up to the track and race – we will handle the rest!

The Ignite program is designed as an affordable way to go kart racing. Consistent with this philosophy, Ignite competitors will not be required to purchase or run new tires all weekend. You can practice, qualify and race on the same set of Bridgestone YDS tires. Additionally, the WKA entry fee for the Ignite class has been set at $195. Stop sitting in front of the fireplace sipping eggnog and get in the driver’s seat this year!

To sign up, visit https://www.margay.com/shopmargay/kartweek.html