1st Enduro Race of the Season July 31

Jul 29, 2021 | Club Announcements

Enduro racing returns on July 31 with a 3.5 hour challenge on the North Track. Now is the time to start planning for this special event.

Enduros require more planning and effort from all sides so here is some information to get things started.

  • We must have 10 confirmed teams by July 26.  If we fall short of that the event will be cancelled. Please confirm your entries with the driver list as best you can and car as soon as you can.
  • This event uses GT Challenge classification rules with Spec Miata being its own class.
  • Non Autobahn Members are welcome and must provide proof of a current racing license with another organization, including proof of Medical Exam.
  • Entry fee is $350 per team. You may drive this event solo or have as many drivers as you would like.
  • Pit stop rules will be the same as they have been in the past, any specific details will be sent prior to the event.
  • The schedule for the day is attached. There is a radical race earlier in the day, hopefully this does not discourage Radicals and spots racers from running the enduro as they are eligible.

Please email mikegritter@autobahncc.com for your entry or questions