Autobahn Racing License School to be held on Saturday April 7th at 9:00 am

Completion of this school is a prerequisite for obtaining an Autobahn Racing License which will allow you to participate in our Member Racing Series. This school is designed for both the member with no previous race experience and the member who has previous experience.  However, if you are a novice driver, completion of this course may not qualify you to take part in the NASA school if you are interested in that, this will be reviewed by NASA on a case by case basis. Full safety equipment and a race prepared car are required to participate in this school.

For more information on the class or requirements for a license please contact Tom Bagley [email protected] or Tony Kester [email protected] .

Click Here for the requirements and schedule

Get your Miata Engine Sealed

The volunteer engine seal program continues this year. If you are having work done on your Spec Miata motor you may contact our Technical Inspector Joe Griffin for inspection prior to installation of the head. Seals will be placed on the motor and you will be able to avoid some of the inconvenience of the inspection process post-race.

Joe may be reached at [email protected]

Paddock Alert!

As discussed in the Member meeting this past weekend, we are going to be proactive in letting our Members know when the paddock may be crowded. Members use of the tracks has increased over the last few years and that also means more members are using the paddock. When we have larger events this can result in limited space availability. When we foresee these situations a notice will be placed here in Talk Around the Track. These notices will give the locations of available space, which may include the area to the south east of the tech building. We also ask that those who bring in trailers to be considerate of the amount of space reserved. Information will be available in registration as you come in and signs will be placed in the paddock as a further reminder of the allotted space.

Your cooperation is appreciated in this and working together we can ensure an enjoyable time at the Club.

Interested in a low-mileage BMW?

The new track season will also bring us a new fleet of BMW’s for our defensive driving programs. With the new cars arriving soon, BMW is offering our members the opportunity to purchase our 2017 fleet. All vehicles have well under 500 miles and have never left the facility. Here’s a list: 

White 320i – 246mi

Blue i3 – 258mi

Dark Blue 320i – 306mi

Black 320i – 296mi

Brown X1 – 399 mi

Brown X1 – 352mi

Gray 320i – 318mi

Black 340i – 446mi

Brown X1 – 323mi

Brown X1 – 474mi

 If you’re interested in one, please contact Ron and we’ll get you connected with a dealer in the region who will provide a quote. Test drives are available, the cars will only be here a short time so don’t delay! Contact Ron @ [email protected].

There Will be Some Changes for the 2018 Season

In an effort to streamline the food and beverage service and make it less hectic in the members lounge, we have made some changes that we would like to pass on.  We will be taking all orders at your table with the help of tablets to speed up the process.  Please do not line up at the counter anymore, so we can service you better.  Touring cars will be signed up for and keys disbursed from the coffee nook every day now instead of just on the weekends.  The staff from the administration office will take care of this process.  This will free up the servers to help serve members more efficiently and quicker.  We have purchased new cooking equipment for the back catering room that will produce fresh food much faster for members and their guests.

The hours for food service in the Members Lounge will be 8:30 to 2:00 Tuesday through Friday and 8:00 to 3:00 Saturday and Sunday.
There will now be an automatic 15% service charge added to all food and beverage tickets in the Members Lounge.

10% will be distributed directly to the food and beverage staff in order to recruit and retain good help in this area.
The remaining 5% will be kept in house to help defray the Club’s escalating cost of credit card processing fees.

The after race meals will now be free only for racers and their family members.  All others wishing to participate in the meal will be charged $15 for adults and $10 for children.

Winter Rally Series

The final Winter RallyX race was held on March 10th and it was a muddy good time! Cars were sliding through the slippery terrain and everyone was smiling! First place was awarded to John Graybeal while Colin O’Brian was close on his heels in second. John Oliver took home third place and is racking up the trophies!

Did you know that RallyX is one of the longest running series Autobahn offers? With 5 races scheduled this summer, you’ll get plenty of seat time. Don’t forget we allow cars, UTV’s and now dirt bikes so there’s something for everyone!  The next RallyX is May 11th so start prepping those off road machines!

Karting Korner

The race for the Karting Championship starts now! Members are putting in their orders for a new Ignite Kart to ensure they can start the 2018 Kart League series off right. It’s not too late to join your friends and race in the most exciting series we offer! To purchase your kart today, contact [email protected]

Don’t forget to RSVP for Margay’s Karting Seminar on March 31st and have all your questions answered by the professionals. Don’t wait, get karting today!

March 17th at 8 a.m. is the deadline for the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Car Giveaway

(Sebring, FL, January 11, 2018) – For the second year in a row, Lemons of Love 501(c)(3), will give away a Global Mazda MX-5 Cup race car. All profits from the ticket sales will go toward the non-profit organization’s assembly of comforting care packages for chemotherapy patients.

The contest winner will be picked March 17, 2018, during the 12 Hours of Sebring weekend at Sebring International Raceway. John Doonan, Director of Motorsports for Mazda North American Operations, will draw the winning ticket.

Professional racing driver Drake Kemper won in the first-ever Lemons of Love giveaway in 2017. “I was extremely blessed to have the winning ticket in the Lemons of Love raffle for the Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car,” says Kemper. “As I am starting a racing academy next year, it will be super beneficial to have an additional MX-5. Thank you so much to Mazda, Lemons of Love, and all of the donors for the support.  I’m so glad we raised so much money for a phenomenal cause!”

The 2017 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup comes race-ready and brand new from Long Road Racing. The car comes turn-key and approved for use in the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup racing series. The car has a value of $58,900.

Tickets cost $100 each with 2,500 tickets available. All profits benefit Lemons of Love.

Purchase Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Giveaway tickets here!

See full specifications and features of this Global Mazda MX-5 Cup here!

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