Ignite K2 – Cadet Karts

I am selling our 2 – Ignite K2 karts We have a couple practice days and 1 race on them. Each kart was purchased from ACC. Then taken to CKT to be taken apart and put back together again. Meticulously. Each motor is also “built” by CKT. The karts are truly better than new.

Each kart also comes with an upgraded steering wheel hub to allow for much better adjustment to drivers height and seat angle.

Each kart has a Pin-It rear hub for quick gear changes. Gear changes can be done in less than a minute.

The karts also have JTP mounts, risers and chain guards for ease of chain adjustment.

Currently, the karts each have MyChron 5’s with AIM cameras. The cost of these were $1600 per kart. So I can reduce the price of the kart if you don’t want them. But the kids really benefited from the video. It is a great learning tool. And it keeps the kids very interested because posting it on YouTube is cool to them. Most of their friends don’t understand what racing a kart is really like.

The cost of these karts new, with the upgrades is $6595. That is without the labor, just the entire kart, motor, mounts and AIM products.

Each kart is for sale for $5000 with the AIM MyChron 5 and AIM camera. Or I can sell for $3500 if you do not want the AIM products.

Karts are currently stored at Autobahn. And I will be selling my matching K3 soon, once it gets back to the area.

Joe Tovo
(630) 890-8113