GT Champion Miata Supercharged 1990

In the last 5 years: two time ABCC GT5 Champion & SCCA/TSSCC Track Sprint U2 Champion.
-Easy to drive, reliable.
-Started life as the late Dave Wheeler’s (Advanced Motorsports)
personal Spec Miata. Converted to GT5 by Eurosports.
-Low hours motor with Fast Forward Supercharger, oil cooler, light weight flywheel, RX-7 AFM, Racing Beat header, custom pistons.
-Expensive & safe front hubs from, big & ducted brakes, adjustable Ohlins suspension, camber plates, 15×8 wheels, light lithium battery.
-Very light 12# top, carbon fiber hood, R-Theory fender vents, APR adjustable carbon wing, Blackbird adjustable spoiler, multiple front aero options including new unused 9-Lives splitter/diffuser.
-Used and new stickered Hoosier A7, R7 & SM7 tires. Extra wheels.
-Always used at lowest boost setting (178-185 HP), exactly on GT5 max power/weight ratio. Easy to adjust weight, aero, power to match driver size and style. Currently set-up to drive & feel like a Spec Miata with 50 extra HP!
-Head restraint seat and fire system
-Spare pads, chassis weights and more.

Ready to race. Beat $100,000 cars!
Steal at $22,000. I need the garage space.

Jim Morris
(847) 989-5055