FOR SALE: RALT RT 40/41 with updates, Mazda Drummond 12A conversion by Mazdamotorsport. 16 H on Drummond rebuild, can rev to 10k (258hp), 16 H on Pensky shock rebuilds, STACK info. system, rebuilt Staffs transaxle by Comprep, with new half shafts, (trans. & shafts, 1 H), car is 944 lbs w/o driver.
Car is scaled, strung, in excellent condition and ready to run. Spares inc. 3 sets BBS wheels, body work, nose, sups. arms, trailer wheels and misc spares. RALT race cars have a slightly larger carbon fiber tub than Swift to fit larger drivers. The Carbon fiber tub makes it a very safe car compared to a Formula Mazda, Formula E, Formula B, USF 2000, or older Formula Atlantic car.
RALT RT 40/41 was one of the best FA cars ever. This car is wicked fast, 58 second lap time on north track at Autobahn Country Club with Amy driving (she does not like open wheel race cars). Hp to weight indicated even quicker lap times. Faster than a Pro Mazda or any Radical by seconds. Close lap times to the Swift 016 listed on this site. RALTs are still competitive in SCCA FA and will be a super vintage race car next year. Mazda 12a engines have more HP and run much longer between rebuilds than Toyota (rebuilds are cheaper also). Mazda 12a use regular pump gas. A great chance at a classic race car and a great investment. Take a look, the build and details on these cars makes present day formula cars look like toys. Everything is machined and purpose built.
Very interesting history per Jody Lift. $35,000

Bill Wittkamper
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