Full Track Friday Garage Crawl is This Friday

Come out and have some fun on Friday night September 20th as we celebrate Full Track Friday on the road.  After the second chase race and podium are over, at 6:00 pm we will be visiting three different garages.  The night  will begin at Bob Noorian’s garage, move on to the Stadalsky’s and finish up at the Missig’s garage.  We will have food, beer and wine available at each garage.  There will be musical entertainment at the Missig’s garage which is the last stop.  This night is complimentary.

Please check your e-mail for a previously sent Evite to this event and watch for others as we have now adopted the Evite system for our member event RSVP’s.

For anyone who did not receive the Evite, please contact Terri Weber at [email protected] or 815-823-8595 to RSVP for this event.