Autobahn Podcast Featuring Brian Kubinski

“What started it all…I grew up 2 houses from Dale Coyne,” Brian Kubinski.

Founding member Brian Kubinski grew up 2 houses away from the Indy Racing Legend Dale Coyne. During this show we get to hear how Brian started an amazing racing career. Brain tells the story of how he went from cleaning Indy car parts, to mowing Dale’s yard, and finally to becoming a winning driver in everything from karts, open wheel cars, and stock cars. My local mechanic used to race with Brian, and I have heard a lot of stories about his career, so I was very excited to finally sit down and hear his story first-hand. This story will motivate you to get out on the track, so come join the fun!

In addition to an incredible racing career, Brian is one of our founding members. So let’s welcome Brian Kubinski to the Autobahn Country Club PodCast!

 Click below to listen: