2018 Margay ignite K3 complete with spares

Margay Ignite K3 2018 chassis complete turn-key set-up with everything needed to compete including:
MyChron5, 4 different Streeter stands (motorized, wheeled, stationary, and upright), spare bodywork, spare engine with custom engine stand, many tires and rims, Intercomp EZWeight scales, custom scale ramps, Intercomp Toe Plates, Sniper laser alignment tool, Sniper laser chain alignment tool, tire balancer, tire bead breaker, hitch-mount tire changer, tire inflation barrel.
Spare parts include: 10 sets various rear hubs, RH/LH front spindles, 2 front hubs, RH/LH tie rods, box of alignment pieces (front wheel spacers, spindle pills and spacers, castle nuts), extra weights and hardware to mount, complete rear axle assemblies (soft and hard), spare (medium) axle, 2 loaded brake calipers and spare pads, master cylinder, 2 rear axle bearings, 4 bearing carriers, sprocket hub, brake hub, brake rotor, sprocket protectors, chain guards, 2 blade-type front swaybars, fairing mount for locking steering during alignment, plain fairing mount, drive gears 11-19 tooth (17 in the kart), sprockets from 53-73 tooth, skid plates, 2 Hilliard Extreme Duty Inferno racing clutches NIB, chains and master links, clutch springs, clutch bearings, 2 sets clutch shoes, clutch covers inner/outer, clutch mount hardware, snap rings for back cover, spare carb (redone by FasterMotor), float set tool, 2 new air cleaners, air cleaner pre-filter/boot, Briggs&Stratton fuel pump, spark plugs, gaskets, extra fuel line/holders/fuel filter, 2 new exhaust kits, extra exhaust sleeves, 8deg motor mount, extra-thick motor plate.
$15,000 worth of stuff going for $10,000. My loss is your gain! If it’s not sold by Thanksgiving, I will start parting it out. Delivery negotiable.

Lyle Riggen
(815) 584-9726
[email protected]