2002 GT-1 Mazda Miata

This is Jim Drago’s personal STL race car, which I (David Palfenier) purchased from him and ran last season in SCCA. Used my old Miata motors in it for the season but then bought the big motor from him for Daytona, is what’s in the car now. Car has done a 2:33.6 at Road America in STL trim, so carrying 300lbs more than required for GT-1. We (Harley Kaplan and Justin Wylde) have since done a bunch of additional stuff to it including remap, spherical bearings, vacuum pump/brake bias, fully adjustable suspension etc. etc, can describe more if anyone is interested in it for GT-1. The power is good but more importantly it is a legitimate race car in handling and braking, very fast car. I’m moving into another class next year and this car is pretty maxed out already in STL trim, so have a new project underway for the new class.

Had it out to Autobahn last October when I happened to be in town for a few hrs and took it out for a few laps. Won’t post it here but suffice to say it would be a competitive car in GT-1, from what I can tell — was overweight (for GT-1) and on old DOT’s that day and still put up competitive times.

As some of you know, I still live in Brasil so the contact is Justin Wylde who lives nearby and can show the car to anyone who’s interested.

Justin Wylde
(847) 739-6554
[email protected] GT-1-Miata-front GT-1-Miata-Rear