1986 Porsche 911 Turbo

1986 Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe
VIN WP0JB093XGS050592
Guards Red with Black Leather Interior

• Matching numbers; only 65,000 original miles
• Well-optioned example
• Near-perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition
• Includes original factory documentation and a Certificate of Authenticity
• Price $114,900.

Porsche is the company that truly cemented the word “Turbo” into the world’s automotive lexicon. The Type 930, which was unveiled as a concept in 1973 and was put into production in 1975, was a brilliant meld of forced induction and the famed automaker’s light and efficient air-cooled engine technology. With their outrageous flared fenders, widened tires and wheels, and iconic “whale tail,” Porsche’s 911 Turbo quickly became the object of almost every sports car enthusiast’s desire.

Beginning in the early 1970s, Porsche had demonstrated the worth of an exhaust-driven turbine for developing tremendous power for a given engine displacement, astounding the racing community with its World Endurance Championship-winning 917s. The company was quick to adapt turbocharging to its Group 4 Type 934 and Group 5 Type 935 racing coupes, basing those ferocious machines on the street-driven Type 930. Throughout the later 1970s and into the 1980s, the 930 evolved into an ever-more sophisticated, luxurious, and powerful road car. By 1986, the Turbo boasted a 3.3-liter engine, which was connected to a smooth four-speed manual transaxle and could produce 282 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 289 foot-pounds of torque at 4,000 rpm, The ventilated brake rotors were drilled for increased efficiency, and a large intercooler was housed within the “Tea-tray” rear spoiler.

In many ways, the production 930 was diametrically opposed to Porsche’s previous high performance 911, the Carrera RS. Where the RS of just a few years earlier was a raw and elemental homologated race car adapted for the road, the 930 was a proper flagship: a luxurious and refined car meant to effortlessly cover great distance at high speed. However, during this period, competition prepared Porsche Turbos were cleaning up on the race track, and the 930’s lurid fender flares and rear spoiler gave the car a distinctive, purposeful, and aggressive presence that would be immortalized, among other places, on the walls of many schoolboys. Although relatively affordable and overlooked by collectors for many years, early 930s are rapidly emerging as collectible cars thanks to their iconic styling, innovative technology, and direct connection to some of Porsche’s most successful race cars, which by extension, means some of the most successful race cars of all time.

Initially available in a non-intercooled 3.0 liter variant that is now highly collectible, albeit curious to drive, a 3.3 liter intercooled variant superseded the 3.0 for the 1978 model year. By 1980, US laws had evolved enough to prevent the further sale of the 930 by Porsche North America, and it was not until 1986 when the incorporation of oxygen sensor, electronic assistance for the mechanical fuel injection system, and three-way catalytic converter permitted its return to the US, and with 29 more horsepower than when it left after the 1979 model year. The wheels were larger too, 16 inches in diameter, and 9 inches wide in the back, and the various updates performed over the years to the SC and the Carrera 3.2 were also in places, such as the revised interior and integrated fog lamps.

This stunning Guards Red (027) Turbo Coupe, with a sunroof appears as pristine as the day it left the factory in 1986. The black leather interior presents as-new. This car is fitted with a limited slip differential, a power sunroof, factory air conditioning, a center console, electric windows, eight-way power seat, a leather steering wheel with a raised hub, a high-end Blaupunkt stereo entertainment system, left- and right-hand electrically adjustable and heated outside mirrors, a rear window wiper, and fog lamps, as well as competition valve stem supports, wheel security locks, and anodized Fuchs forged “Windmill” alloy wheels, which are seven inches wide in the front, nine inches wide in the rear, and are all fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Plus tires. It is supplied with a set of factory-accessory floor mats, a complete and original tool kit, and an air compressor for its collapsible spare tire and wheel. The car includes its original and correct manuals, warranty book, and keys, and it even comes with a touch-up paint stick.

This particular car is a fundamentally original and unmodified example in a classic Guards Red color. It has had a complete 60,000-mile engine out service and is complete with books, tools, jack, and compressor. The car has seen major servicing including clutch and synchros. Additionally, much other work was performed, including shocks, struts, seals, clutch and cable, headlight and dimmer switches, new AC lines and front condenser motor and blower motor, transmission rebuild, resealing of engine, new Michelin tires and new windshield and seal.

Cosmetically, the car makes a strong impression. The paintwork is glossy and is of high quality, and the body is straight with excellent panel fit. The car has been repainted. The trim is excellent throughout. The wheels are in excellent condition. There are no modifications.

The interior is in excellent condition and is unmodified aside from an aftermarket stereo. The leather is excellent throughout, as are the carpets, and the interior appears to be entirely original. The dashboard is excellent with no cracks or warping, and the switches, controls, and instruments are in excellent original condition. The headliner is also excellent and the car has new Porsche floormats.

The engine compartment is extremely clean and quite fresh. The attention to detail that went into the rebuild is impressive and it is clear that the cosmetic presentation of the engine was a priority in addition to the mechanical aspects. The trunk is in excellent condition, with correct carpet. The correct spare is in place, as are the jack and tool roll with tools.

The car runs and drives extremely well. The motor is fresh and crisp in its feel, pulling with the famous 930 ferocity once the engine speed passes 3500rpm. The gearbox shifts well, with slop free operation and a positive and confidence inspiring feel to the clutch. The entire driveline feels particularly crisp and eager compared to other stock 930s. The chassis has the liveliness of a vintage 911 coupled with impressive grip of the wide tires and track of a newer car, providing the best of both worlds. The brakes are derived from the 917 race car that provided Porsche’s first Le Mans victory and are impressively capable.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a very nice investment level 930 with a fresh motor in a classic color. The car is also fundamentally unmodified, which is increasingly difficult to find as many of these cars were altered in various ways over the years. The car is also very complete, with books (including stamped maintenance book and pouch), tools, jack, air compressor, and Certificate of Authenticity.

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